How to write

   You have to master vocabulary and grammar. By writing you convey images. One good method is to study the classics, or articles written by professional literature critics that study great operas. Also your subjects should not be inspired by other authors. You are the writer of the scenes and also the director. It's hard work. Though writing may appear to many to be just a fad, a time killing experience in an infinite sea of wrong possibilities, words are limited. Life is limited and not a huge roam of possible combinations and permutations. Take a look at politics it's the most well written piece of fiction. Even your own life is a great novel, you just have to look at it from a creative and cold perspective.


  1. I love the line about politics. It should be a well-written piece of fiction. After all, those speechwriters and political "handlers" get paid a bloody fortune to spin tales of blame, change, and denial. And they build it all around characters costumed in their own fictional persona.

  2. This is all easier said than done. I don't have enough years on this earth to master vocab and grammar. I should of listened at school more (see what I mean). I'd love to be able to do all this, but how do you get super-quick training. At present I just write from the mind and check certain words via a dictionary.
    Your post was very interesting though. I agree but can't do.

    1. Well pick one of the most sickest mind-churning book of philosophy :)

  3. I agree that all writing creates a fictitious world. Even scientific theories contain more fiction than fact.

  4. writing should be the feelings which we get from heart and converts them into words by mind and they will be considered as masterpiece if you really feel them.......what's your opinion?

  5. It's difficult for me to write in English because that's not my mother tongue and I'm to focused on making mistakes. But, I'm a better writer in French. Blogging helps me to improve my writing in English.


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