On a cloudy day...

            On a cloudy day they visited the house. An autumn day. A big old Russian style mansion left to rot.
In front of the house a fountain.

             -I'll inspect the fountain! You go round the house!
             -YEES...Very hard work you chose there! the other left with laughs.

           He threw a rock in to the fountain. It was dry. Staring at the dark filled hole he took out his monster flashlight. More of a police baton. The flashlight's length hit him in the face. The dark was quickly beaten by the light. And the fountain did not look like a fountain, more like an sky opening to a large cellar. A lot of debris laid scattered down there. Red bricks and plastic wrappers.

           -Interesting, interesting, he said to himself.

          He leaned more to have a better look. The flashlight slips his clutch and drops. With an expression that confessed his stupidity he panted, the house was big in front of him. As he looked again after the flashlight it was not there. Only darkness.

                -Maybe it broke. Even LEDs break.

                A "puff' of light hit his face and eyes. He looked, his flashlight was pointed up as he could see the heads of the leads and light cones. It disappeared as if someone ran away with it.
                His feet started moving real fast, he was running, he bumped into his colleague. His colleague had a wound on his left arm.
                -What are you doing? Why did you enter the house? The draft slammed a window in to my arm...
                -I didn't enter the house.

               A strange presence could be felt. On their left something like a dog was taking shape. A small black dog. It began charging towards them.

               It had no eyes nor ears. It was circling them with a sinister growl. Bullets did not intimidate it.
               Only the prayer that the flashlight man was mumbling seemed to have effect. From time to time the thing tried to bite. It felt like a burn. 
               They wanted to reach for the car. But the progress was slow. It was hard to walk in a shower of demonic aggression.

It's a weird world...

It's a weird world. Everybody wants to watch the dream, live the dream, make the dream happen. So many souls, so many religions. We think by the examples of movies, music and attitudes preached on TV, Internet and bars. We are chasing dreams that are not actually our own. It's like our life is a ritual to get the spirit inside us, a spirit that does not exist. So we bathe in our borrowed egos and ignorance. I think we are a little bit...dumb.

We are all fooled to think we do the right thing, that we took the right path. Drones. Parrots. Welcome to the ZOO.

The rain.

     Rain pours down. The forest embracing the hills is now wet, the green is delicious. Clouds run from north to south, the water drops is a gift a soul can not resist. Cats sit on the window sill. There is no electricty.


  Real people always end hated and forgotten. Those which are true people's people, those that are really empathic and want other's good end up unhappy. The world has a residual evilness in it, you can look at it as ignorance, greed etc. It's just evil.

Don't worship evil like this.

Silly thought

Silly thought...Why are people afraid of getting from  A to B in the longest time possible?

They get to think more about themselves. People do not like that.


Tanks march.

Tanks march at rainbow's end.:)

Isn't that a title for a good story or maybe a short movie?
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