Urban assault soldier's nightmare

I have imagined this story after year of passion for a game. The game is Urban Assault:

I have strange reoccurring dreams of a little girl playing hopscotch on a Stoudson trigger .
I myself in my dream am siting on a cliff not far away .
She has a long dress over her dis-completed biowear .She smiles at me, I smile at her.
I gaze at the black sky. A smile grows inside me and on my face .
I try to lay on my back, with artistic motions as my cat when it walked the earth. My head has no time to touch the cold steel, fear pours in my veins.
Every bone, muscle, cell, molecule in my body yells danger. I jump on my feet, I try to sprint in the child's direction. Not fast enough, ankle aches.
Silence and a fine red mist touches my face. I slow down, my eyes are jumping left and right, up and down looking where the child was.
My helmet ricochets hitting the ground .
I wake up with a twitching eyelid.

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