Cherry tint

                  -Why are the clouds so low?
                  -I don't know, but it doesn't smell like rain.

                  The sky is covered in heavy rolls of fast moving clouds. It's dark as if night is going to take over.
                  -It looks like a boiling foam... ash?!

                   I don't answer her.                 

                  The field is flat with grey grass. The color of the grass scares me, I sit on my knees to better see it. Can't tell if it's green or ash gray. I squat for a moment and look around. She's standing on the other side of the ditch, on the road, nervous.
                  I turn to her to ask her  what she thinks. With the corner of my eye , as I turn, I see an amazed and scared look on her face. She gazes in to the distance behind me.  I turn in to the direction that she looks.
                  In the distance, an uneven trunk of what seems to be glass is spewing out of the ground. It's diffuse, with a cherry red tint. It reaches the sky and splits. A mute display .The tentacles follow the contours of the clouds. It's immense.
                 A beam of white light points to my chest. It comes from the trunk, from far away.

                -It's going through you. We need to leave... please.
                She's scared with tears in her eyes. No matter how we move the beams stay on us,and go through us. A loud crackling  echoes, a combination of thunder and breaking glass noise. There is no wind.

                I wake up.

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