Big Bang

"Big Bang!" the Unknown yelled,
And all that is contoured.
"To some I'll be a God,
To some I'll be obscure.
To many I'll raise boundaries,
To few I'll be see-through.
To little I'll give green light,
To a lot i'll ban the draw."

"Big Bang!" I softly whisper
And try to understand:
"Am I the many, few or little
In this rotating realm?"

"Big-Bang" it's all I hear
Some billion years away,
And cannot temper tantrum.
"For all I know, it's quantum."


  1. I really liked this little poem/story! Very nice. :-)

  2. "Big Bang!" It's made a smile on my face ... Simply nice :)

  3. nice post.. I'm scribbling some poems also but I've never made something like this.. "Short yet Profound." Keep it up! :D


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